Welcome!  The Friends of Buker is a volunteer organization supporting the education of the children of the Buker School. Here you will find resources and information.  Thank you for your support!



Friends of Buker Kick Off Meeting!

On Monday September 18th from 7:30pm to 8:30pm, Friends of Buker will be hosting its first meeting of the school year held in the Buker multi purpose room (aka cafeteria). 

We hope you will be able to attend. Our meetings are open to all Buker parents! 

During this first meeting, we will discuss the purpose and goals of Friends of Buker, go over the exciting events we have planned for the next couple of months, share various ways for parents to get involved and much more.

In addition, Principal O'Donoghue will be attending to share with us some school updates as well as how Friends of Buker supports teachers and staff throughout the year.

The agenda for the FoB Kick Off Meeting was emailed via room parents and Buker Bulletin. Light refreshments will be served.
You can email Friends of Buker at friendsofbuker@gmail.com with any questions.




The Friends of Buker is pleased to announce that we are fundraising for a new Buker Playground!